Obama showing cocaine withdrawal symptoms?

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I’ve been gone for over two years. When Obama was elected, I thought all hope was lost. Then the tea party happened. What a great way to be proven wrong.

Obama seems irritated, apathetic, and to have a strange restlessness to him (consider his absolute inability to stick with any particular message). It just so happens that these are common symptoms of drug addiction withdrawal – particularly cocaine. Some sufferers also report having strange repetitive dreams.

Obama admitted to cocaine use in his first autobiographical book. A friend of mine asked me recently how we knew he ever stopped. I suppose we don’t know if he ever did.

But, for sake of argument, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume that Obama did stop snorting cocaine. How long would the side effects last? Depending on how much he abused it, potentially YEARS.

Cocaine disrupts the body’s ability to absorb dopamine and other functions. In some situations, the effects can be permanent. It makes you wonder just how much his cocaine use affected him and in which ways. It also makes you wonder just much effect cocaine has over the most powerful office in the world – and our lives.

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Anonymous Obama campaign staffers reveal all.

November 14, 2008 2 comments

By now, you’ve probably heard of the anonymous McCain campaign staffers who trashed Palin, or the anonymous GOP governors who told CNN they secretly hated her, or the elves helping Santa who contacted the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt, who in turn showed up in Chris Mathews dreams informing him that Abe Lincoln had informed Teddy Roosevelt’s ghost that he didn’t liked what Sarah had done to his party. As luck would have it, it isn’t just the Republicans who secretly go undercover to validate the other party’s talking points, Democrats do it too.  Exactly 598 former Obama staffers have contacted me anonymously with juicy damaging details about their former boss.  Seem unrealistic?  Would you believe 198?  How about just 98?  Ok, 3.  I’m not going any lower than 3.

According to 3 anonymous Obama staffers, Obama:

Hates kittens and old people (see:  John McCain)

Saw the intelligence briefs after winning the election and exclaimed, “Oh crap, what did I get myself into?!”

Originally planned to put “unconditional surrender to terrorists” as the headline for his foreign policy plan before staffers intervened.

Had a Karl Marx poster on his wall before Axelrod forced him to take it down.

Has only sold his body once.

Eats live babies for breakfast.

There you have it, the anonymous Obama staffers have spoken and given us the real dish on Obama.  Now we just have to wait for the media to pick up on this story and report it like they did the other “anonymous” sources…….

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The Death of America

November 5, 2008 13 comments

I don’t think it’ll happen soon, nor will Obama be the direct cause. That someone so clearly inept as Obama could get into our highest seat of power shows how intellectually weak we have become. It was the American dream – the average citizen’s working model of basic economics – that blocked the encroachment of socialism in the past, but now that barrier has been removed by decades of intellectual decline. It was socialism that was the death of Europe, and our fate will be no different. Under Obama, we will be stripped of many of our basic economic freedoms as he brags he will do. Social and political freedoms are sure to follow.

Hitler, Stalin and Mao all came into power as a result of socialistic beliefs. This is no accident. Socialism is an ideology which demands reduction in net freedom under the guise of “equality”. Whenever freedom is reduced in a nation, it becomes more vulnerable to tyranny. Obama isn’t competent enough to be a tyrant, but he may be opening the door for someone who is.

Obama’s economic plan will kill millions of innocent people. America is one of the world’s largest exporters of food. Obama wants to reduce our exports significantly by slashing trade agreements. This means we will sell much less food. With much less food on the global market, food prices around the world will surge upwards. People in poor countries that could barely afford food at the current prices will starve. Between 13 and 18 million people die every year from starvation.  That number will more than double by 2012 – assuming only that Obama does what he claims he will do.

The poor around the world will suffer, even if they don’t starve. Raising the corporate tax (it’s already the second highest in the world) even higher will send many more jobs overseas and condemn many dependent on American business to poverty. Commodity prices will double in two years. His massive spending will continue to deflate the value of the dollar, and make our debt even more insurmountable.  This is of course, only assuming Obama sticks to his current promised tax and spending increases. In reality, it will probably be much worse.

Things don’t look much better on the foreign policy front.  Obama wants to cut military spending by 25% and counter terrorism efforts by half. At the same time, he has suggested military action against Pakistan, an ally armed with nuclear weapons. It is difficult to reconcile these two positions – both of them absurd – with each other.

This was America’s choice for president – someone who will cause the deaths of millions, further impoverish the world’s poor, plunge us into a depression, deplete our resources for combating terrorism while simultaneously attacking our allies and potentially more things which were not included in his campaign promises. Well, at least he’s black. Sort of.

Obama Supporters smear law of gravity.

October 18, 2008 1 comment

Last week, “Joe the Plumber” asked Obama a question without the permission of the MSM. Truth squad investigators are still trying to figure out how Joe slipped into the group of Obama supporters undetected –  wielding several concealed original thoughts – soon to be made illegal by Obama. In order to punish Joe for his heresy to The One, Obama Supporters and people outside of the media have launched a full-frontal smear campaign against Joe for his insolence.

Yesterday, Obama’s campaign encountered a technical error as Obama was unable to levitate off the stage as planned. At first, Obama blamed the sound guy, but soon it became clear that something known as the “law of gravity” was interfering with Obama’s planned levitation act. This has led a few cynical spectators to suggest that perhaps Obama can’t levitate at all. Obama’s supporters are launching a full-frontal attack on the so-called “law of gravity” for daring to expose Obama.

The NYT discovered that gravity had been involved with the McCain campaign for as far back as his piloting days. Indeed, the Times went so far as to speculate that gravity played a role in McCain becoming a POW – a powerful selling point in his campaign – by forcing his plane to the ground at an inopportune time.

HuffPo discovered that gravity has never payed taxes, and, worse still, does not even appear to be registered as a resident of the United States.

TheDailyKos has found that gravity fathered 13 illegitimate children in a giant bowl of crisco oil, was formerly a part time prostitute, is alleged to have raped a polar bear, has caused the deaths of untold non-flying animals that have fallen from trees, and isn’t voting for Obama.

MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann notes that gravity is not registered to vote even once, unlike Mickey Mouse, showing clear dispassion for voting for Obama. Keith also named gravity as the “worst person in the world”.

CNN had a headline declaring Obama the winner in his debate with gravity, until it was found that the two never officially debated.  CNN formed a new headline accusing gravity of being too old to be of relevance.

Meanwhile, Obama gave a speech about unity and rising above partisan politics to the applause of his supporters.

The Obama Youth

October 7, 2008 4 comments

All that I have to say is that I told you so.

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I am racist.

October 6, 2008 4 comments

According to the Associated Press, NYT, and Obama, I am racist.  They’re right.

I am racist against inexperience.
I am racist against deception.
I am racist against empty words.
I am racist against hatred of America.
I am racist against Socialism.
I am racist against sexism.
I am racist against murdering born babies.
I am racist against high taxes.

Am I racist against people based on the color of their skin?  No, not really.  But people who look to “race” to explain every single criticism of their candidate most certainly are.

Understanding the state of our economy for dummies.

October 2, 2008 Leave a comment

The current economic state has been very confusing for many of us.  Despite coming from an economic background, I must admit that things have been confusing for me as well.  I’ve done my best to make sense of things, and, as simple as I can make it – this is how it is:

1.  Capitalism.  This is where we want to be.  Both traditional American Conservative and Liberal ideologies operate within the framework of capitalism.  Conservatives want to deregulate, Liberals want to increase government oversight.  But at the end of the day, it’s still capitalism.

2.  Good Socialism.  This is where the bailout bill is supposed to take us, if passed.  Supposedly, the bill will replace the bad Socialism the Dems running Freddie/Fannie are employing with good Socialism.

3.  Bad Socialism.  Since the 2006 elections, Democrats have been steadily nationalizing major industries, and then managing them poorly.

4.  Diluted Marxism.  Obama, DNC, Obama’s indoctrinated voters.

5.  Communism.  Obama’s friends, family, etc.

You’ve probably noticed the huge split in both parties on what to do about the financial crisis.  The reason for this is simple, each politician is essentially given two choices:

1.  Vote against my principles and potentially cause a new depression.

2.  Potentially allow a new depression to happen and vote against my principles.

Obama wants the bailout plan because it increases Socialism in the U.S.  McCain wants it because he understands that good Socialism is better than bad Socialism.  Ultimately, there is no good option in this.  In the long run, I think that the bailout plan will hurt us.  Smaller, less intrusive options may end up being more productive without allowing the further encroachment of socialism – even good socialism.