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Obama showing cocaine withdrawal symptoms?

I’ve been gone for over two years. When Obama was elected, I thought all hope was lost. Then the tea party happened. What a great way to be proven wrong.

Obama seems irritated, apathetic, and to have a strange restlessness to him (consider his absolute inability to stick with any particular message). It just so happens that these are common symptoms of drug addiction withdrawal – particularly cocaine. Some sufferers also report having strange repetitive dreams.

Obama admitted to cocaine use in his first autobiographical book. A friend of mine asked me recently how we knew he ever stopped. I suppose we don’t know if he ever did.

But, for sake of argument, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume that Obama did stop snorting cocaine. How long would the side effects last? Depending on how much he abused it, potentially YEARS.

Cocaine disrupts the body’s ability to absorb dopamine and other functions. In some situations, the effects can be permanent. It makes you wonder just how much his cocaine use affected him and in which ways. It also makes you wonder just much effect cocaine has over the most powerful office in the world – and our lives.

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