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I am racist.

October 6, 2008 4 comments

According to the Associated Press, NYT, and Obama, I am racist.  They’re right.

I am racist against inexperience.
I am racist against deception.
I am racist against empty words.
I am racist against hatred of America.
I am racist against Socialism.
I am racist against sexism.
I am racist against murdering born babies.
I am racist against high taxes.

Am I racist against people based on the color of their skin?  No, not really.  But people who look to “race” to explain every single criticism of their candidate most certainly are.


Inside the Republican strategy: Countering Obama’s sexism

September 10, 2008 4 comments

Obama just compared Sarah Palin to a pig when he said, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”.

Naturally, any decent human being would be outraged by such a statement. It’s understandable to get angry and call for McCain to respond with equal vitriol in a snappy response to Obama. Understandable, but would it be smart? No.

Try looking back a few months ago. Obama was up in the polls, still enjoying his post-nomination bounce, while McCain seemed to be struggling to keep up. Obama released a myriad of unfair attacks against McCain daily. If there was one cry in the Republican party, it was, “John, fight back!” But John McCain never responded in kind.

Now, McCain is on top in a dominating position with a powerfully transformative new VP at his side. What happened?

1. Palin. McCain tricked Obama into picking a weak vp by forcing the experience argument. McCain then turned around and picked a strong vp by comparison.

2. Little jabs. Ads like “The One” and “Celebrity” were little jabs at Obama, not big attacks, but they developed a theme. They eroded Obama’s lead to nil going into the conventions.

3. Overexposure. According to pew research, 48% of Americans feel they are hearing too much about Obama. Compare that to only 26% who feel the same about McCain. Incidentally, Obama’s biggest selling point was his “newness”. By allowing Obama to hog the spotlight, McCain let Obama to undercut his own message.

None of these strategies required McCain to make a large public attack on Obama, and they WORKED.

With the race effectively changed forever by the introduction of Sarah Palin, the new Republican strategy will look like this:

1. McCain will highlight Obama’s, the Media’s and the far-left’s attacks on Palin, but they won’t allow it to become a central theme of their campaign. Palin is not a victim, and the McCain campaign isn’t going to market her as such. Nevertheless, drawing attention to the some of the most outrageous attacks on her, especially ones that can be traced to Obama, will expose the intellectual and emotional weakness of his ideology.

2. Little jabs. Expect a continuation of this theme from the pre-Palin election cycle.

3. Limit Palin’s direct exposure. The American public is hungry to learn more about Palin. McCain will keep this hunger in suspense, and not risk making Obama’s error, by controlling the venues that Palin speaks in. This will keep the excitement she now enjoys high through election day.

4. September/October surprise. Sorry, can’t talk about this one in detail. Let me just say this – Obama’s got something big coming his way, and he’s not going to like it. McCain and Palin are just getting started.

I understand the impulse to attack back against the slanders coming towards the world’s most famous mother of five, but one must remember – the real goal and best possible response for McCain and Palin is to win.

Yes She Can!

September 7, 2008 2 comments

The party of diversity appears outraged at the mere thought of a woman holding an important job while raising a family.  They tell us these two things are incongruous – impossible to do both at the same time.  This strange, cynical attitude undercuts Obama’s entire message of “hope” and optimism.  While no one believes that it will be easy, it is strange to suggest Palin’s goal to be impossible.  What motivation could possibly lead them to adopt such a bitter, cynical attitude?


The Democratic party has long since considered women to be a predictable and reliable constituency on their election maps.  They have operated under the assumption that these women owed them something, were dependent upon them for success.  It’s a soft bigotry – and one which allowed them to “champion” women’s issues while simultaneously putting them down with a straight face.  Sarah Palin has shattered their paradigm of the dependent woman.  She is a self-made woman in every sense of the word.

That old paradigm is dying, and we will never be able to go back to it once it’s finally gone.  Those that have pushed it on us for years know this, and are terrified.  If they have any genuine concern for equality they might celebrate with the rest of us – once they’ve gotten over their fear of progress – but I wouldn’t count on it.

Biden: Media sexist against Palin

September 4, 2008 1 comment

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

Of course, Biden tries to claim that it’s all “right-wingers” spewing sexist hatred towards Palin.  How many people are going to believe that Olbermann or the Daily Kos is “right-wing”? There simply is no effective way for him to spin this, but it looks like he’ll try to anyways.

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Top Five signs Obama Supporters are terrified of Sarah Palin

September 3, 2008 5 comments

5. They aren’t attacking McCain anymore. In fact, some are even making plans for beating in her 2012, as they’ve already written off 2008 as a Palin/McCain year.

4. They’re throwing everything they got to discredit her. All the major left-wing networks have sents teams of reporters to Alaska to find out everything they can about her. They wouldn’t do that if they didn’t see her as a major threat.

3.  They forgot to pretend to not hate women.  Oops.  Seems more than a few mysoginistic statements have been flying around, generally centering around the meme:  A woman’s place is at home taking care of babies, not being vp!

2.  They make things up to attack her on instead of relying on real, observable things, and then force themselves to believe those things are true.  When you imagine something bad where there is nothing bad, that’s called “paranoia”. 

1.  They keep demanding McCain take her off the ticket because she’d be such a bad running mate.  But wait, don’t they want to WIN the election?  If she’s so bad, wouldn’t they want McCain to keep her on board so he’d lose?  So, why the continuous demands she be dropped from the ticket? 

Unbridled frothing terror.

Debunking the moonbat attacks against Palin. Part 1.

August 31, 2008 10 comments

Moonbat attack #1:  Palin’s son Trig isn’t really hers, it’s her daughter’s son.

Moonbat Argument:  Palin didn’t look that pregnant until late into her pregnancy.  Therefore she was never pregnant.  Her daughter looks kinda chubby around the middle, therefore, she was pregnant secretly and it was her kid.

The Reality:  Palin didn’t want people to know she was pregnant for as long as possible.  Why?  First of all, many of Palin’s critics seize on that fact that she’s a mother and attempt to argue that she can’t take care of her children and do her job at the same time.  By revealing her secret pregnancy in her seventh month after having worked for those seven months, she proved them wrong.  Second, pregnancy does unflattering things to a woman’s body.  It is only natural for a woman to want to hide or downplay these changes.  There is nothing “scandalous” about a woman wanting to look her best.

The pictures used to “demonstrate” Palin’s non-pregnant appearance only further support the fact that she was pregnant.  For example:

As I said before, many women will attempt to hide or downplay their state of pregnancy. The most popular tactic is to wear large bulky coats. (And, being in Alaska, this would not seem out of place) Do you see anything like that in this picture? If you look at the bottom of the coat, it becomes extremely apparent that it is far out in front of her body. Add to this that she is leaning forward slightly, causing the coat’s own weight to pull it in this direction. She doesn’t look like a non-pregnant lady, she looks like a pregnant lady trying to hide it.

Here is another picture used to “demonstrate” Palin’s non-pregnant appearance:

For starters, her mid-section isn’t even all that visible in this picture. She’s also wearing almost all black – the choice color of those wanting to hide undesirable curves – and sitting down behind a table with a very dark shade. This makes her figure, which is already mostly hidden, very indiscernible. As usual, she looks more like a woman trying to hide a pregnancy than one without.

Now, these pictures are from the period in which she was trying to hide her pregnancy. What about after she decided she could hide it no more?

And another picture of pregnant Palin:

Naturally, the moonbats claim that her apparent bulge after a certain date can be explained by pillows under the jacket and padding of her mammary glands. I will concede that this is possible, although unlikely and fairly absurd. However, this provides no explanation for her very bloated cheeks and face, which are common amongst women rapidly approaching their due date.

So, essentially the moonbats are claiming that Palin suddenly decided she wanted to pretend to be pregnant 7 months into her daughter’s supposed pregnancy, despite her daughter having hidden the fact from the start, then stuffed herself with pillows all day long while magically puffing up more noticeable features (like her face) in a very short period of time. Not only that but the moonbats seem to think it impossible for a woman to hide her pregnancy, but nevertheless argue that that’s precisely what Palin’s daughter did, for a full 8 months.

Further factor in the fact that young women, like her 16 year old daughter, are several times less likely to have a baby with down’s syndrome (the baby has down’s syndrome) than women who are say, 44 years old like Palin. In addition, there is the fact that dozens of doctors and medical staff examined her unborn baby in the months leading up to her official announcement. It’s hard to argue with ultrasound. In order for this conspiracy to be true, huge numbers of professionals would’ve had to have been in on it. Just from that angle alone, it is extremely improbable.

In conclusion, this story is completely without merit. In fact, it’s so ridiculous, that even a decent portion of the KosKids reject it. For example, Rapcetera writes:

Please let the professionals deal with this. It seems like we are looking for a reason, any reason, to tear this woman down. This has the potential to backfire on us. Leave her and her 4 month old baby/grand-baby alone.

DKos needs to rise above this….

This leaves only one loose end. Why are the moonbats so scared of Palin? I can’t read minds, but if I had to guess, I’d say it has something to do with this:

Palin is a woman who can be a mother and do an important job both at the same time. And she’s really good at both. It seems for some on the left, that is a terrifying prospect.

(Continued in part 2. If you know of any other moonbat attacks on Palin, please email them to me at Fred_s36 (at) Yahoo (dot) com and I’ll evaluate them.)

McCain to PUMAs: Your voice has been heard

August 29, 2008 10 comments

We teach our daughters that they can be anything they want to be. That, if they work hard, they will see the fruits of their labor. The treatment of Hillary by the media, the DNC and the Obama campaign, however, completely undercuts that message. We can tell them they can be anything, but when they see a competent woman being brushed aside like old linens for someone significantly less qualified to fill a position – and very publicly as in the case of Hillary – it becomes a lot harder a message to deliver.

But today, when McCain picked Palin, he reaffirmed that message: Daughters of America, you CAN be anything you want to be.

Palin is a tireless reformer, uprooting corruption wherever she finds it, even in her own party. She’s brilliant on energy policy as her track record in Alaska shows. She’s a very hard worker who forgoes luxuries to save the taxpayers money. When she became governor, she was offered a private jet. She refused and instead gave the money back to the people. And, perhaps the main reason she was picked by McCain, is she possesses a strong independent MAVERICK spirit, like McCain.  There were other qualified people, including other women, but ultimately, I believe it was Palin’s indomitable spirit that won McCain’s vote.

McCain is clearly not a man afraid of successful, powerful women. Just look at Cindy.

McCain sent a message today when he picked Palin, someone with impressive executive, energy and reform accomplishments, someone who has worked incredibly hard for her constituents, and that message was well received.

I wasn’t that enthusiastic about McCain before, but I am today. Next time I talk to my daughters, and I tell them they can be anything, they’ll know I’m telling the truth.

McCain/Palin ’08!