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Palin pwns in debate

Sorry for the slang in the title.  It seemed appropriate in this rare instance.

The debate in a nutshell:

Palin referenced Biden’s claim that taxes are patriotic early in the debate and used it well.

Biden’s attacks against Palin were utterly feeble. 

Biden did better attacking McCain, but even then his attacks seemed ineffective.  For example, he repeated several times that McCain voted against a bill for troop funding because it contained a timeline.  Your average undecided voter is going to say, “Well duh, McCain is against timelines.”

There were a few questions Palin didn’t seem to like, such as one about a bill regarding bankruptcy.  Nevertheless, she performed well in these circumstances.  She gave no weak answers tonight, unlike Biden, who gave a couple.

Biden started out more comfortable, but began showing signs of discomfort as the debate wore on.  For example, he was caught sighing, tugging his collar, and at the end of the debate began to cry.  Yes, began to cry.

For the first 5 minutes, Palin seemed nervous but quickly overcame it.  She only became stronger and more confident as the debate went on.

Overall, Palin gave a lot more in the way of strong answers than Biden.  She had several excellent responses to his statements as well.  Biden had a few good answers, but they were simply too few and appeared to weak in a few responses as well.

I would’ve been happy with a tie in this debate, but Palin dominated.  Once again, Palin has exceeded expectations – including my own.  Now, let’s see which MSM outlets declare Biden the “winner” or the debate a “tie”.

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  1. fredshelm
    October 2, 2008 at 8:50 pm

    I forgot to mention, the moderator Gwen did fine. Many were concerned about her being an apparent Obama Supporters, but she did a good job of staying objective throughout the debate.

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