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DNC Platform: Exploit the private sex lives of children to win cheap political points. Obama ’08!

September 3, 2008 1 comment

New platforms for the DNC:

Exploit the private sex lives of children to win cheap political points.  Obama ’08!

Because we need your money more than you do.  Obama ’08!

Changing positions you can believe in.  Obama ’08! 

Keeping the woman at home, where she belongs.  Obama ’08!

Palin is bad, Palin is bad, Palin is bad, Palin is bad!  Obama ’08!

Hillary Democrats are too smart to vote for a woman from the GOP, not smart enough to remember us trashing them a few months ago.  We hope.  Obama ’08!

America is a victim, except without the moral authority.  Obama ’08!

Forty-seven terrorist organizations can’t be wrong!  Obama ’08!

Because communism will work this time!  We swear!  Obama ’08!

Got any more ideas?


McCain to PUMAs: Your voice has been heard

August 29, 2008 10 comments

We teach our daughters that they can be anything they want to be. That, if they work hard, they will see the fruits of their labor. The treatment of Hillary by the media, the DNC and the Obama campaign, however, completely undercuts that message. We can tell them they can be anything, but when they see a competent woman being brushed aside like old linens for someone significantly less qualified to fill a position – and very publicly as in the case of Hillary – it becomes a lot harder a message to deliver.

But today, when McCain picked Palin, he reaffirmed that message: Daughters of America, you CAN be anything you want to be.

Palin is a tireless reformer, uprooting corruption wherever she finds it, even in her own party. She’s brilliant on energy policy as her track record in Alaska shows. She’s a very hard worker who forgoes luxuries to save the taxpayers money. When she became governor, she was offered a private jet. She refused and instead gave the money back to the people. And, perhaps the main reason she was picked by McCain, is she possesses a strong independent MAVERICK spirit, like McCain.  There were other qualified people, including other women, but ultimately, I believe it was Palin’s indomitable spirit that won McCain’s vote.

McCain is clearly not a man afraid of successful, powerful women. Just look at Cindy.

McCain sent a message today when he picked Palin, someone with impressive executive, energy and reform accomplishments, someone who has worked incredibly hard for her constituents, and that message was well received.

I wasn’t that enthusiastic about McCain before, but I am today. Next time I talk to my daughters, and I tell them they can be anything, they’ll know I’m telling the truth.

McCain/Palin ’08!

How Hillary Democrats can take back their party.

August 25, 2008 1 comment

Obama won’t go away even if John McCain wins by a wide margin. He will run for president again and again. And even if he is roundly thumped every time, it still won’t mean the Democratic Party will return to the people. Obama represents a depraved far-left mindset that isn’t going away on it’s own. And there will be more like him. Obama is only the beginning.

However, Hillary Democrats can fix this. Let me explain how.

There are three types of Democrats – each making up about a third of the party. First, there’s the far left (See: Obama Supporters), there’s the centrist-left, (See: Hillary supporters), and last, there’s the casual Democrats.

The far-left cannot be reasoned with. They will support Obama no matter what.

The other two portions of the party, however, can be approached by reason and outnumber the far-left substantially. If the two groups were to rebuke the far-left, they could re-establish themselves as the majority wing of the party.

While it is important to elect McCain, thus blocking Obama from getting into office, this will not in and of itself return the Democratic party to its rightful owners. To demonstrate a rejection of Obama and the far-left poison he represents will require a low turnout from from Democrat voters. Then, the current corrupt Democratic leadership needs to be associated with Obama as much as possible to consolidate the rejection. Lastly, in individual local-election primaries, Democrats must elect new leadership for the party.

To make all of this happen, Hillary Democrats need to follow the following steps:

1. First, convince the 50% of Hillary supporters who plan to vote for Obama to not vote for Obama. Just tell them about the real Obama. They can write-in Hillary, stay home, vote McCain, whatever – just not for Obama. Many of them don’t want to anyways but feel pressured because they are Democrats or have been tricked into thinking McCain is the bogeyman.

(It should be noted that a lot of Hillary supporters are already doing this.)

2. Find those casual Democrats, the ones that are just now tuning in to election news, and let them know about the REAL Obama. They are your neighbors, coworkers, distant cousins, etc. that never talk politics but still care. Find them, and talk to them. Friends don’t let friends vote Obama.

(I’m not a Democrat, but I’ve done this myself with a few casual Democrats. Casual Democrats are generally poorly informed but very open minded and reasonable.)

3. On election day, do anything but vote for Obama. Yea, I know, that’s kind of a given.

4. After election day, start challenging the Democratic leadership. Throw the bums out one by one. Having just squandered some of the best political landscape ever with a terrible candidate is great ammunition to unite the mainstream of the party against them.

5. in 2012, let’s have an election between two GREAT candidates for a change.

In the Democratic party, let’s see some change we can all believe in!