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The Assassination of Obama

August 26, 2008 4 comments

This story makes me sad. I don’t want Obama to be president, but killing is not the answer. Not by a long shot.

In fact, I would argue that Obama being assassinated would be a very, very, terrible thing for America. Here’s why:

1. One in four American presidents are shot at, and nearly all recent ones (including Bush) have had attempts on their life. It’s not much safer to run for president for that matter. However, many of Obama’s believers think he is in some unique sort of danger at the hands of an invisible army of neo-nazi rednecks. If Obama were assassinated, it would only confirm their paranoias.

2. Violence should ONLY be used when there is no other option to prevent more violence. We have many other options for stopping Obama from ruining this country which do not include violence, even if he becomes president.  There is never a good reason to kill a democratically elected leader in a free society.

3. Race relations.  Obama has done a great deal of damage to race relations in America with his continuous playing of the race card.  However, the assassination of the first perceived black American presidential nominee of a major party would be far worse.

4. Because any decent human being should realize that murder is not just immoral but also irrational.  If Obama were assassinated, it would make our side, those against his poisonous politics, seem no better than he and his supporters.

If anyone reading this has had thoughts of the murderous nature, don’t do it.  Hatred is irrational and so is murder.  That we do not entertain such things is what separates us from them.

(Edit: The list is in no particular order of importance.)

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