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Palin answers many questions.

Scare the wits out of the MSM? Palin.
Attract even more Hillary supporters to McCain? Palin.
Rally the GOP base? Palin.
Attack Obama brilliantly in front of 40 million people? Palin.
Heal the damaged GOP brand? Palin.

Push Obama over the edge, making him attack foolishly? Palin.
Accrue large new sums of cash for McCain? Palin.
Live the American dream? Palin.
Inject new life into a weary campaign? Palin.
Never give up, even when they go for your kids? Palin.

A tribute to Sarah Palin, who, along with John McCain, has made me proud to be a Republican again.

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  1. Denise-Mary
    September 7, 2008 at 1:01 am

    Agree on all aspects. Regretfully, I wasn’t clever enough to come up with an S-A-R…etc. response to post here in the comments section, but undoubtedly someone else will:)

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