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Debunking the moonbat attacks against Palin. Part 1.

Moonbat attack #1:  Palin’s son Trig isn’t really hers, it’s her daughter’s son.

Moonbat Argument:  Palin didn’t look that pregnant until late into her pregnancy.  Therefore she was never pregnant.  Her daughter looks kinda chubby around the middle, therefore, she was pregnant secretly and it was her kid.

The Reality:  Palin didn’t want people to know she was pregnant for as long as possible.  Why?  First of all, many of Palin’s critics seize on that fact that she’s a mother and attempt to argue that she can’t take care of her children and do her job at the same time.  By revealing her secret pregnancy in her seventh month after having worked for those seven months, she proved them wrong.  Second, pregnancy does unflattering things to a woman’s body.  It is only natural for a woman to want to hide or downplay these changes.  There is nothing “scandalous” about a woman wanting to look her best.

The pictures used to “demonstrate” Palin’s non-pregnant appearance only further support the fact that she was pregnant.  For example:

As I said before, many women will attempt to hide or downplay their state of pregnancy. The most popular tactic is to wear large bulky coats. (And, being in Alaska, this would not seem out of place) Do you see anything like that in this picture? If you look at the bottom of the coat, it becomes extremely apparent that it is far out in front of her body. Add to this that she is leaning forward slightly, causing the coat’s own weight to pull it in this direction. She doesn’t look like a non-pregnant lady, she looks like a pregnant lady trying to hide it.

Here is another picture used to “demonstrate” Palin’s non-pregnant appearance:

For starters, her mid-section isn’t even all that visible in this picture. She’s also wearing almost all black – the choice color of those wanting to hide undesirable curves – and sitting down behind a table with a very dark shade. This makes her figure, which is already mostly hidden, very indiscernible. As usual, she looks more like a woman trying to hide a pregnancy than one without.

Now, these pictures are from the period in which she was trying to hide her pregnancy. What about after she decided she could hide it no more?

And another picture of pregnant Palin:

Naturally, the moonbats claim that her apparent bulge after a certain date can be explained by pillows under the jacket and padding of her mammary glands. I will concede that this is possible, although unlikely and fairly absurd. However, this provides no explanation for her very bloated cheeks and face, which are common amongst women rapidly approaching their due date.

So, essentially the moonbats are claiming that Palin suddenly decided she wanted to pretend to be pregnant 7 months into her daughter’s supposed pregnancy, despite her daughter having hidden the fact from the start, then stuffed herself with pillows all day long while magically puffing up more noticeable features (like her face) in a very short period of time. Not only that but the moonbats seem to think it impossible for a woman to hide her pregnancy, but nevertheless argue that that’s precisely what Palin’s daughter did, for a full 8 months.

Further factor in the fact that young women, like her 16 year old daughter, are several times less likely to have a baby with down’s syndrome (the baby has down’s syndrome) than women who are say, 44 years old like Palin. In addition, there is the fact that dozens of doctors and medical staff examined her unborn baby in the months leading up to her official announcement. It’s hard to argue with ultrasound. In order for this conspiracy to be true, huge numbers of professionals would’ve had to have been in on it. Just from that angle alone, it is extremely improbable.

In conclusion, this story is completely without merit. In fact, it’s so ridiculous, that even a decent portion of the KosKids reject it. For example, Rapcetera writes:

Please let the professionals deal with this. It seems like we are looking for a reason, any reason, to tear this woman down. This has the potential to backfire on us. Leave her and her 4 month old baby/grand-baby alone.

DKos needs to rise above this….

This leaves only one loose end. Why are the moonbats so scared of Palin? I can’t read minds, but if I had to guess, I’d say it has something to do with this:

Palin is a woman who can be a mother and do an important job both at the same time. And she’s really good at both. It seems for some on the left, that is a terrifying prospect.

(Continued in part 2. If you know of any other moonbat attacks on Palin, please email them to me at Fred_s36 (at) Yahoo (dot) com and I’ll evaluate them.)

  1. doazic
    August 31, 2008 at 9:44 pm

    Part of the problem is she seems to enjoy wearing black.

  2. Rey
    August 31, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    I got a better one. I acquired this thru the National Governors Association, whic occured a month prior to giving birth. There are 3 vid’s showing Gov. Palin, the most obvious one is this, when she exit the stage on the very end of the vid. I hope she sue the KOS site for slandering. This is just down evil!


  3. September 1, 2008 at 6:56 am

    If the leftists had any brains they’d stick with more substantive arguments. That they go with “fake pregnancy” shows how out to lunch some of them are.

  4. occam
    September 1, 2008 at 7:48 am

    The far-left liberal neofascists represented by KOS know no boundaries in their attempts to control thought, stoke the fires of class warfare, and persuade the weak-minded. The forces behind the KOS are despicable “people” for which the word ethical has absolutely no meaning. These are mortally and intellectually corrupt individuals who will use any and all means to promote their ideology. They are above no techniques to be used to diminish any and all who oppose or threaten their goals. These are truly evil people who under the color of freedom threaten freedom.

  5. Janet
    September 1, 2008 at 10:05 am

    Rey – I replayed the video a couple of times that you posted of the NGA, http:/media.nga.org/wm2008/sunnr01introduction.wmv, but it seems to end before Gov. Palin exits the stage. She looks quite pregnant anyway, with the heavier breathing and discomfort from the weight of late pregnancy, but it would be nice to have that last piece of the video in response. Although Obama’s “anti-smear” webpage falls far short of providing readers with the truth about his background, maybe our campaign needs such a page to provide detailed information and to counter reports like this. On the other hand, defending this kind of garbage gives the rumor mongers far too much attention…but…I would still like to know that the truth will be at least as visible and easy to access as the lies.

  6. September 1, 2008 at 3:20 pm

    It’s not the idea that Sarah isn’t the birth mother that’s so disturbing. I think she probably is the mother of Trig. It’s the fact that a woman who gave birth to a five weeks premature, special needs baby went back to work three days after the child’s birth.
    Is this representative of family values? Is that what would be best for a baby? Who is raising her children? And who will be raising her grandchild- the child of her seventeen-year old’s daughter?
    Look, people get pregnant out of wedlock. People decide to carry Down’s Syndrome babies to term. But it helps tremendously if you have the money to pay for childcare, someone to run a house, and health insurance. Ms. Palin and her daughter are in much better circumstances than most mothers in this country today. They have choices.
    But Ms. Palin would deny other women who are NOT in such good circumstances the choices they may need to make.

  7. fredshelm
    September 1, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    It is not entirely Sarah’s responsibility to take care of Trig. She has a HUSBAND to help out and adult kids. Have you thought about questioning whether Obama can be a dad and work at the same time?

  8. Deanna
    September 6, 2008 at 8:52 am

    *applauding fredshelm* Well said! All this talk about Mrs. Palin and her parenting abilities and not one comment about Mr. Obama’s? Or is the father completely insignificant?? My husband works full-time as active duty Air Force and yet still comes home and loves on and takes care of our children. If there is something that I must do (appointments, etc) he is the first to step in and take a day off to accomodate what needs to be done. Why is Mr. Palin not being applauded for that? And why is Mr. Obama “getting away with” not caring for his children 24/7? Or his wife, for that matter? Mrs. Obama is on the road with her husband and out in the public eye. Who is caring for their children? And they don’t have older kids to help out. So is it contracted out? Just a few thoughts to ponder…

  9. Jimbo
    September 7, 2008 at 11:47 am

    NOW and Sarah Palin

    I am loving how the Loony Left is turning itself inside out to discredit a competent, attractive, articulate woman… I visualize them rushing madly to their keyboards and stumbling over each other making feeble attempts to discredit Mrs. Palin using slimy personal attacks. This is the prime indication of how frightened BHO’s mob are by a real woman…

    Even the NOW is slamming her in favor of Joe the Bloviator… Get this…. “Sen. Joe Biden is the VP candidate who appeals to women…” (insert sound of gagging here) http://www.now.org/press/08-08/08-29.html

    Instead of being ecstatic that a woman is living the NOW dream, with family and meaningful career based solely on accomplishments, they embarrass themselves with personal attacks and by perpetuating the bottom-of-the-sewer, cheap-shot Daily Kos type Internet rumors. With their recent attacks on Sarah, maybe NOW should change their name to NOW-LO (NOW – Liberals Only)

    Given her RNC convention speech, my guess is that Sarah is one tough woman who will not rise to the cheaply trolled left turning bait, but with logic, charm and wit, will surgically eviscerate those who choose to attack her. That’s an encounter I look forward to watching!

  1. September 1, 2008 at 3:04 pm

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