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How to see racism anywhere. Part 2.

In the previous installment of How to see racism anywhere, I introduced the importance of being able to detect racism anywhere, and provided some examples of this being done. In Part 2, we will discuss the three step method for locating racism and attacking people who don’t think like you once you find it.

Step 1

First, ask yourself, is Obama being criticized? If yes, then racism is present and those criticizing him are racists.

Step 2

You must find the racism in order to attack Obama’s critics. Let’s try another four examples. See if you can improve upon your score from Part 1. Find the racism in these four items:

“Obama plays basketball”.
“John McCain wears shoes”.
The word “dolphins”.

1. “Obama plays basketball”. This is a real easy one – I put it in there for those of you who may be struggling with the other examples. There is a strong stereotype that black people play basketball. Whenever this stereotype is reinforced with a sentence such as that one, black people all over the world are oppressed.

2. “John McCain wears shoes”. It doesn’t get much more racist than this. Shoes have long been considered a symbol of oppression. Just think of all those sayings, “Trampled underneath his feet”, “Getting stepped on”, “Just do it (buy nikes)” – all sayings indicating oppression. Clearly, John McCain wears shoes for the sole single purpose of oppressing black people. What other reason could he have to wear them?

3. The word “dolphins”. The Huffington Post recently discovered that certain words could be secret code words for other secret code words which are code for racism. For example, the word “arrogant” is secret code for “uppity” which is secret code for “keel all dem n***ers!” The word “dolphins” is no different. “Dolphin” is secret racist code for “porpoise” (dolphins are a type of porpoise) which is secret racist code for “mammals” (porpoises are a type of mammal) which is secret racist code for “raccoons” (which are a type of mammal) which is secret racist code for “coons” which is secret racist code for black people.

4. Sponges. Little exists on this world that is as racist as sponges. Do you remember Hurricane Katrina? A massive racist hurricane assaulted New Orleans, killing all black people inside, and forcing some black people to loot jewelry stores to survive. The racist sponge mimics this activity, when it wipes away dirt, which just to happens to be a dark texture like black people. This act is clearly meant to symbolize the dastardly times of Hurricane Katrina and to oppress black people by reminding them of that dark hour. Sponges are so racist, that every time you use one, God takes a perfectly good unborn black baby, rips it from its mother’s womb and kills it. Err, I mean, abortion clinics do that. Every time you use a sponge, a black baby is aborted. Black women make up 12% of the female population, yet account for 50% of abortions. Clearly racist sponges at work, oppressing them into abortions.

Sorry, got a little carried away on that last one. So, how’d you do this time? Get all four right? If not, you are a racist. If you’re still reading this, you are also a racist. Reading is racist. Moving on:

Step 3

Use the context, and mold it into an attack. If John McCain wore shoes while criticizing Obama’s flip flops on NAFTA, then attack McCain for racistly wearing such blatant symbols of oppression. If McCain releases an ad comparing Obama to other celebrities like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, attack him for using white women and a black man in the same ad. If a McCain aide uses a sponge to clean up a small mess on a table, accuse him of trying to invoke Hurricane Katrina to scare black voters. Etc.

(Obama Supporters, this is satire.)

To be continued in Part 3…..

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    God bless!


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