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Why do Democrats keep nominating elitists?

I’m a Republican, but I look at both sides of the field.  And sometimes, when I look on the Democrat side, I see people who are competent, honest, and representative of large majorities of Americans in their views.  I’ve also noticed that the Democratic party leadership seems completely uninterested in these candidates.  Instead, they seem to always push the most elitist, out of touch, indecisive candidate they can possibly find.

Why do they do this?  I’m not a Democrat, so maybe some of my Democrat (or ex-Democrat) friends can enlighten me on this one.

Wouldn’t it be nice, if we could look at both parties and say, “Hmm, wow, both of these candidates look great!  They really picked their best.  I’ll have to really think about this decision,” when they presented their nominees?  I’m a Republican but I’m pretty close to the center politically.  I can see myself saying that if such a scenario were to actually happen – and I know many Democrats, Independents and other Republicans who feel the same way.

So, what happens instead?  The Democrats nominate incompetent elitists – again and again and again.  Suddenly, there’s not much of a choice.  The Republicans no longer have to nominate their best candidate when the Democrats put people like Kerry and Carter forward as their standard-bearers.  In fact, they can pick some of their worst candidates and still win.  They just have to seem a little less awful than the other guy.

When Democrats nominate elitists, America loses.  This country would benefit (as it has in the past) from two strong parties, putting forth their best.

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