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Obama: A sheep in wolf’s clothing

What America needs is a wolf. We need someone with guts, someone that’ll stand up for America’s interests in foreign policy, make hard choices to fix our economy, work across the aisle even as the extreme wing of their party screams at them, someone not afraid to lead the pack rather than merely follow it, someone who is more than just a lot of fluff.

John McCain and Hillary Clinton are tough. No one doubts that. No one in their right mind doubts that they would be able to make hard decisions or stand up for America’s interests. The question is whether Obama can.

Obama doesn’t help himself very much with this question. When he gets asked hard questions, he runs away – literally. When asked for a solution to terrorists, he says he’ll cut our military and then ask them to stop. When prompted on the economy, he says he’ll raise taxes on the middle class, the absolute worst thing he could do in the middle of an economic slowdown. He claims to be against anti-Americanism and racism, but he won’t even stand up to it when he finds it within his own pastor. When tough votes on things like abortion, crime, etc are placed in front of him, he votes “present” instead of yes or no.

Actions like these paint a picture that isn’t pretty for Obama – a coward, a follower, not a leader. His campaign is aware of this image, so Obama tries to shake it. After scouring the political landscape, looking for an issue he can stand up to, what great social malefactor does he invest his resolve against? Flag pins. Yes, when Obama actually does take a stand, it’s against flag pins. Well, as it turns out, Americans don’t really care very much about whether someone wears a flag pin or not, so they have trouble understanding Obama’s vehement disdain for the flag.

Hmmm, well, since the flag pins didn’t work, what else can Obama do to shake his image as a coward – a sheep? Bomb our allies. That’s the only logical choice. After all, all those grownups like John McCain and Hillary are talking about fighting back against people that want to kill us, why not one-up them and demand we start bombing people who don’t even want to kill us, and who better to bomb first than Pakistan? Well, as it turns out, the American people don’t think bombing our allies is such a great idea. Guess it’s back to the drawing board again for the Obama campaign.

Toughness is something that can’t be faked. One of the essential elements of resolve, is that you stand on PRINCIPLES in that resolve. That leads to moderation and control. Obama doesn’t seem to have any principles in particular to stand on, so when he attempts to appear tough, he goes from one extreme to the other. He just can’t seem to figure out a way to appear tough.

If Obama wants to overcome his reputation as a sheep, he needs to start being a wolf. Merely wearing the fur isn’t going to fool most voters. If he wants to show that, yes, he can be tough, he needs to actually be tough. He needs to take a stand for something important, regardless of the popularity of such a decision. John McCain has done this, with the surge, immigration and a myriad of issues. Hillary has done this, when she defied her party bosses and almost the whole media by running for so long. As inconsistent and as short as Obama’s resume may be, one thing is certain, he is a sheep who needs to be a wolf, but he isn’t going to get there unless he demonstrates real change – the very thing he’s been promising as the basis of his campaign.

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  1. skyblu5555
    June 24, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    I suppose you don’t get it. He can project his persona that people fall for however, check out who is on his short list to serve in his administration. Go to

    He doesn’t have to and won’t show his hand now…but you will know by the people he brings in with him, I assure you.

  2. CKA in Red State USA
    June 24, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    “If Obama wants to overcome his reputation as a sheep, he needs to start being a wolf. Merely wearing the fur isn’t going to fool most voters. If he wants to show that, yes, he can be tough, he needs to actually be tough.”

    You’re kidding, right?

    C’mon. The guy’s a world-class b***s*** artist, as empty as they come. And with sincerist apologies to second-rate actors, his best performance is worse than their worst.

    Tough? Tough does not mean reverting to the Clintonian disaster of serving legal papers to terrorists and expecting them to play nice. Had Obama any knowledge of history, contemporary or otherwise, he’d know this.

    Tough? Tough does not mean capitulating to terrorists and enemies of the U.S. even before you foolishly consider meeting with them without any preconditions.

    Tough? It’s not in his vocabulary. And it’s certainly not something he’s going to acquire in the next few months, because he has no apparent principles undergirding him that have any substance and morality behind them.

    Barack Obama “tough”? Thanks for the levity.

  3. jeanrenoir
    June 24, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    Obama naturally gets criticized for being too much of a wolf (David Brooks on Obama’s wisely ruthless rejection of public financing) AND for being too much of a sheep (Maureen Dowd’s “Obambi” image). Obama had to fight Hillary with one hand tied behind his back. But now that he’s knocked her out anyway, the raps are coming off, and he’s going to throw everything he has at McCain. If we’re lucky, that will include choosing the wolf’s wolf, Jim Webb, to be Obama’s Agnew, the VP attack dog who will eviscerate McCain’s claim to be uniquely qualified by the Hanoi Hilton to run American foreign policy and our wars. As everyone knows, being the most highly decorated Marine in Vietnam ipso facto makes Webb outrank McCain on the macho hero scale. Having been Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy gives Webb more administrative defense bona fides than McCain’s. And Webb’s fearless defense of Scotch-Irish MALE Southerners, as well as his whole life, makes McCain look like Mr. Rogers on the maverick/conformist spectrum. Obama has used his sheep image to good effect in winning the Democratic nomination. Now the Dems will be delighted to see Obama drop the sheep mask and overwhelm McCain strategically, tactically, and every other way there is. Then we’ll see who looks like a wolf.

  4. fredshelm
    June 24, 2008 at 8:39 pm


    So you acknowledge Obama is a sheep? Oh, and you’re not the first Obama supporter to claim that Obama’s failings are “all a part of the master plan”.

    My question to you is, if Obama is really just putting on an act, and is really a wolf, then why the deception? Why can’t he just be himself? So much for transparency.

  5. June 25, 2008 at 1:30 am

    Excellent article.

  6. June 26, 2008 at 5:00 am

    Great Post. Obama has never had to stand for anything. He would not even vote for or against the FISA bill yesterday. The FISA issue is one of the most importnat bills before Congress and he will still not show up.

    Obama is to busy trying to be too many things to too many people. His lofty rhetoric changes depending on the audience. A good speaker understands the audience. A greatr leader stands on Principle. I would rather have a principled president than an orator president.

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